2016 Minimum Wage Hikes

1/1/2016 – California – Non-Exempt $10.00/hr. – Exempt $41,600 annually – All Employers


City of Los Angeles – Non-Exempt – $10.50/hr – Employers with 26+ employees
Unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County – $10.50/hr – Employers with 26+ employees
City of Pasadena – $10.50/hr. – Employers with 26+ employees
NOTE: There are other cities throughout California who raised their minimum wage effective July 1, 2016.  Please check with your local government’s website for details.


12/1/2016 – Nationwide – FLSA* – exempt employees – $47,476 annually – all Employers

*Employers in California will have to satisfy the higher federal salary level test for employees to qualify as exempt under both federal and state laws effective 12/1/2016.  There are no changes to the duties tests for exempt employees

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